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"There are good ships and wood ships, ships that sail the sea,
but the best ships are friendships, may they always be!" -Irish Proverb

2004 Toledo Reunion in Charleston, SC

This was our 10th reunion and also our most successful reunion to date!  We had a total of 302 in attendance at Charleston . It was an event to be remembered.

Sunday, October 10th

As always registration day was busy with the checking in procedure and handing  out registration packages. We were fortunate to have two Hospitality Rooms. The memorabilia and sea stories were in abundance as was the renewal of "old friendships."  We conducted our first General Business meeting in the evening. This was a day for getting re-acquainted with Shipmates and a day for getting acquainted with Charleston.

Monday, October 11th

In the morning we enjoyed a narrated coach tour  of Charleston with side visits to the Warren Lasche Laboratories and grounds of The Citadel. We were able to see first-hand, how Charleston has been and is being, restored to its Civil War charm, even after substantial damage by past hurricanes. Our visit to the Warren Lasche Laboratories was another historical experience. We were able to witness the preservation of the submarine H.L. Hunley, a monumental project in progress. The Hunley was credited with sinking the warship Housatonic, the first submarine to sink a warship in battle. A visit to the campus of The Citadel provided us with a view of everyday life at a Military Academy. It was an experience worth remembering, to witness the freshman "Nobs" scampering around campus with their bald heads, on restricted paths and maneuvers, as they traveled from class to class. A visit to the Cadet Chapel  was an unexpected bonus.

Monday evening was our "Starlight Dinner Cruise," aboard the Spirit of Carolina. The event was restricted to the Toledo Association and was filled to capacity. We had beautiful weather, calm waters and a great tour of the Ashley and Cooper River waterfronts. The dinner and dance music was enjoyed by all on both the upper and lower decks of the boat. It was fascinating to see the youngsters, yes youngsters, out on the dance floor.

Tuesday, October 12th

This was a big day and full day for us as well. We boarded the coaches for our trip to Patriots Point  and the day's activities. Our first order of business was our Memorial Service on the Hangar Deck of Yorktown. We paraded aboard as John Pierce, USN (Ret.) played the bagpipes. Once again our Memorial Service was a very solemn and memorable event. Our Plank Owners escorted the wreath to the podium followed by an introduction by Lamar Starrett Association President and the posting of the colors by the West Ashley High School NJROTC Color Guard. After reading the names of the deceased members of our Association, the Plank Owners escorted the wreath to the open bay of the Hangar Deck and cast it into the Cooper River. At the end of our Memorial Service we separated into two groups to enjoy our activities for the remainder of the day.

One group boarded the boat for transportation out to Fort Sumter, the remainder stayed behind to tour Patriots Point which included tours of the aircraft carrier "Yorktown", submarine "Clamagore," destroyer "Laffey" and the Coast Guard cutter "Ingham." In the afternoon the groups changed places. The tour of Fort Sumter was a step back in time the first shot of the Civil War was said to have been fired from this fort. In between our shift of tour sites we were privileged to have our noon meal in the "Chief's Mess" aboard "Yorktown", it was reminiscent of the "good ol' days."

Wednesday, October 13th

This was the birthday of the United States Navy, established in 1775 by the Continental Congress, and we managed to celebrate it in great style. We began our day with our second General Business meeting, where we voted on our 2006 reunion site. Milwaukee, WI was the winner by a vote of 65 to 50 over Branson, MO. The nominees for our 2008 reunion are Coeur D'Alene, ID; Las Vegas, NV; Laughlin, NV; San Francisco, CA; and Seattle, WA.

The highlight of our reunions is always our Dinner/Banquet on our final evening of the reunion and this one proved to be no exception. During dinner we enjoyed soothing music by John Bonds and a trio from his "Dixieland Band." Upon completion of our dinner we conducted our awards ceremony. We presented "Hall of Fame" awards to Shipmates Russ Hanson, Ron Plattner, and Hank Sparkman, for their significant contributions to our Association. Lifetime Membership in our Association was bestowed on Shipmate Ken Brannon for his outstanding service to the country, The Navy and the USS TOLEDO CA-133 Association. There were additional awards of plaques to Plank Owner Shipmates present and to members of our Board of Governors. Another reunion to be remembered.

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USS TOLEDO CA-133 Association Reunion.

























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