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"There are good ships and wood ships, ships that sail the sea,
but the best ships are friendships, may they always be!" -Irish Proverb

2006 Milwaukee, WI

2006 Milwaukee, WI

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A reunion message from the President, excerpted from the SeaBlade II:

Ahoy USS Toledo CA-133 Shipmates and First Mates, Reunion number eleven is now history. The reunion was held 1 thru 5 October 2006 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We had 200 plus shipmates and guests in attendance, and what a city to have a reunion in. We were welcomed by the people and the businesses with open arms. I have never been thanked so much for serving in the Armed Forces.

Shipmate Ronald Bruner put together a hard working reunion committee of four shipmates and their wives that live in the Milwaukee area. They met regularly, working on various plans for each day of the reunion. The hotel staff was eager to assist the reunion committee in every phase. We had four hospitality rooms with plenty of room to display our memorabilia, plenty of room for hanging out, for sea stories, snacks and beverages. The hotel staff helped us plan and decorate for our awards banquet and dance on the last evening.

During the awards banquet we recognized USS Toledo plank owners and their guests and inducted four of the reunion committee members into the USS Toledo Hall of Fame. Attention was drawn to the table displaying special awards to be presented to Ken and Linda Crosby after the reunion in appreciation for all of their years of service to the Association. (See page 3) We also recognized the Sheraton Four Points Hotel Sales Manager, Terry Houdek and Diana Jay, the Convention Service Manager for their outstanding support to the reunion committee prior to and during the reunion. During out last business meeting the association membership voted on the 2008 reunion site as follows: Seattle, WA. - 51 votes, Coeur d’Alene, ID - 24 votes. So, Shipmates and First Mates, let’s start planning for Seattle!!!

The membership also provided five cities for the 2010 reunion site in the eastern part of the United States. They are: Hershey, Gettysburg, and Harrisburg areas in Pennsylvania, Bill Hanson; Newport, RI, John Conn; Charleston, SC, Gordon Gallant; Annapolis, MD, Joe Blasco; Mobile, AL, Les Stanton.

Our reunions are planned with our shipmates in mind. We were so pleased to hear the wonderful remarks made by the attendees about the great food, sights, and the wonderful hospitality provided to us by the city of Milwaukee. We had several “first time” attendees who said if possible, they would never miss another reunion. These remarks are what we like to hear and these remarks are what keep us going forward.

Lamar Starrett
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Many thanks for the following collage of pictures that were taken
at the Reunion by John Guynn, Bob Nadeau, Paul Specht and Roy Stewart.

John Guynn's Photos

Bob Nadeau's Photos

Paul Specht's Photos

Roy Stewart's Photos

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