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"There are good ships and wood ships, ships that sail the sea,
but the best ships are friendships, may they always be!" -Irish Proverb

2010 DC

Washington, DC Reunion

Thoughts from President Don Wood

By the time you all receive this the Washington, D.C. reunion will have come and gone. As you all know, this is the first reunion I helped plan as your President of the Toledo Association. I wish to thank all of the board members who also had a great hand in the planning of this reunion. Thank you Paul and Carolyn, Bob and Shirley, Linda and Lamar. You not only made it fun but helped in ways you will never know.

Washington D.C. has always been a favorite city of mine to visit since I started going there as a teenager with my Aunt Lavinia, who worked for the Department of the Interior. Judy and I have taken our grandchildren there on many occasions. We had a wonderful time and hope all of you did also. Thank you for the warm welcome and cooperation from everyone. I also would like to thank all of those of you who contributed the personal memorabilia you brought for our Hospitality Room display.

The first order of business was taken care of at our first business meeting by the members who stepped up to the plate to fill vacant positions on the board. I wish to thank the following shipmates: Raymond Puhl, Sequim, WA, Fox Division, who is the new Secretary/Treasurer; Edward Dinkins, Lakeland, FL, CR Division who volunteered to be our Chaplain; William Sol, Alliance, OH, E Division and Willis Carraway, Jr., Oakland, CA, EX Division who will act as alternate Chaplains; Ray Guernic, Virginia Beach, VA, N Division who will be our new Historian and Sylvester Pavlicek, Canby, OR, R Division who will serve as Area 2 Director. Bob Nadeau, Gilroy, CA, F Division will be our Area 10 Director and Toledo web site manager. Thank you gentlemen for making my job easier and for filling the board of the Toledo Association.

I hope everyone enjoyed the lecture and Power Point presentation Commander Rich Meadows gave at the dinner on the differences in the Navy when the Toledo was commissioned versus the new Navy. The new ships have more fire power and a complement of only 73 personnel on board compared to the 1200 men on the Toledo. Commander Meadows’ father, Jack, is a member of the Toledo Association and served 1957-58 in N Division. We appreciate Rich taking the time from a busy schedule to enlighten an older generation.

We missed those who could not attend our reunion due to ill health or other commitments. We hope to see you in 2012. Thanks go to those younger family members who accompanied a father or grandfather so he could come to the reunion. Seeing those young faces added a wonderful element to our Navy union and a chance for them to hear those old sea stories and share in the memories.

Plans have already started for the next reunion in St Louis, MO. I look forward to seeing you all there.

Judy and I wish you all a very blessed holiday season.

Your Friend and Shipmate,
Franklin D. Wood

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Many thanks for the collage of pictures that were taken
at the Reunion by Carolyn Specht and Don & Judy Wood. Click on their name to go to their pictures.

Division Pictures.

1st Division

3rd & 4th Divisions

5th, 6th & 7th Divisions

A Division

B & C Divisions

E Division

EX & S1 Divisions

F Division

M Division

N Division

OE, OI, & OR Divisions

R Division

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