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"There are good ships and wood ships, ships that sail the sea,
but the best ships are friendships, may they always be!" -Irish Proverb


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This page has been split into two separate pages.

The first page:       Association Organization      deals with the Association's organization as per the Bylaws of the Association. It lists the officers and appointed positions necessary to the function of the Association.

Note that the Area Representatives were changed from 10 Areas down to three Areas at the San Diego Reunion. There are now six Area Reps, each Area has a Rep and an Alternate Rep. The Areas they represent are the same as the three Areas designated for Reunion choices with one minor change: Indiana and Michigan have migrated to the East Area. These Reps will have responsibility to organize reunions in their respective areas.

The second page:       Ship Organization       deals with the organization of the ship. It is meant to reflect how the crew was organized into our various responsibilities aboard the ship while we served.

Typically the crew was berthed close to our work and battle stations. However, Officers were berthed and fed in OC, Officers Country, and was generally "off limits" to enlisted personnel who's duty station did not require entry.

The narrative describes the Departments and their broad responsibilities and the table following lists the divisions of the crew. Each Division had a Division Officer assigned as well as various levels of Petty Officers, depending on the size of the division and complexity of assignments. Numeric Divisions were Gunnery, and all others had lettered designations. The designations may not be accurate for those of the USS Toledo at the time of our service. The Navy has reorganizes to refect changing times and technologies. Corrections will be greatfully accepted by the Webmaster.