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"There are good ships and wood ships, ships that sail the sea,
but the best ships are friendships, may they always be!" -Irish Proverb


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This page has been changed due to the volume of photos to redirect you to either Jack Bittman's photos, Chuck Richards photos or Elga Ray Martin videos. Choose a link.

A 1951-1953 photo tour with the USS TOLEDO CA-133. Thanks to Shipmate, Jack Bittman, T Division, 6/51 - 7/53 for providing these photos.

Jack Bittman Photo Page

Chuck Richards photos were provided to our website from his personal collection. These photos brought back fond memories for me and I'm sure you will enjoy them as well.

Most are from 1956 In Tokyo, Kobe, Okinawa, Hong Kong and Iwo Jima. Some were taken at sea in various operations. The rest were taken in 1957 in San Francisco and Vancouver, BC.

Chuck Richard Photo Page

We were recently contacted by Harlan R. Martin, the son of a shipmate, Elga Ray Martin. Harlan and his mother found some videos taken during Elga's tour of duty on Toledo.

They can be viewed on this page.

E. R. Martin Video Page