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"There are good ships and wood ships, ships that sail the sea,
but the best ships are friendships, may they always be!" -Irish Proverb

Plank Owner's Page

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To all sailors wherever ye may be - Know ye that the men listed below are or were former members of this Association and were members of the original crew which commissioned the USS TOLEDO CA-133 and are therefore entitled to all rights and privileges of a Plank Owner on the said ship, including a clear and unencumbered title to one of the planks of the main deck, as a reward for their efforts and diligence that laid the cornerstone for what was to become a highly regarded and successful contributor to the peace and goodwill of this great country.

Current Known Plank Owner Listing

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William G. Adair
Ralph E. Alsdorf   Then   Now
Linford L. Amspacher
John P. Anderson
Charles H. Appleby, Jr.
Douglas D. Ariel
Harold O. Arnold
Walter R. Arrington
William E. Backus   Then   Now
Robert D. Badger
Sam Bain
Frank J. Ball
Horace W. Barron
Charles Bashara   Then   Now
Revel F. Bateman, Jr.
Edwin F. Bealmear
Ras Beard   Then   Now
Charles W. Beil
Ferdinand E. Bellin, Jr.
Robert F. Bent
Peter Bistransin
Watson L. Blanton
Joseph N. Blascoe   Then   Now
Emmette E. Bolin, Jr.
Eugene V. Bowman
John J. Brennan
Myran R. Brennan
John H. Brenner
Elmer Brewer
Mario L. Briosi
Lawrence L. Brixey
Lowell H. Broadwater
Robert A. Brown
Raymond R. Brown, Jr.
Leonard T. Browning   Then   Now
Larry E. Brummit
Ernest W. Buckley
Wiley F. Burch   Then   Now
Robert S. Burns   Then   Now
Bradley B. Burr
Arthur J. Bursley
Raymond R. Campbell
Louis R. Carrier   Then   Now
Ralph M. Casolo
George C. Castrone   Then   Now
Neulan G. Cauthen   Then   Now
Joseph L. Cavallaro   Then   Now
Melvin Chandler
Frank Chase   Then   Now
Raymond E. Chopko   Then   Now
Alvin E Christian   Then  
Stanley P. Cihkey   Then   Now
Jerry A. Clonts
Alfred F. Cole   Then   Now
Bryan M. Cole
John L. Conn   Then   Now
Don Conrad   Then   Now
George Costa
Joseph S. Cotton
Mack Craft, Jr.   Then   Now
Carlisle B. Craig
Nicholas M. Cruciano   Then   Now
Gerald A. Cutchins   Then   Now
Charles E. Davies
Joseph C. Dawson
Donald A. Dayton
Robert W. Denley
John H. Dietz
Edward L. Dinkins, Jr.   Then   Now
Fred A. Dobson
Leon B. Duke
Edward F. Dye
Sidney M. Eddings
Garold A. Edwards
Jack B. Eley   Then   Now
Robert Elsden
Howard Fargo   Then   Now
William B. Felix
Arthur Finman
Paul T. Finn, Jr.
James Frengel Then   Now
George Furqueron   Then   Now
Lawrence L. Fye   Then   Now
Douglas Gates
Charles L. Goble   Then   Now
James T. Gorman
George Grkovic
Jack O. Grubbs
Leonard R. Guest
Michael H. Hady Jr.   Then   Now
Richard A. Hagerty
Don Hall
A. B. Hallstrom
Charles G. Hamilton   Then   Now
Herbert Hanson
Francis E. Harman
Harold Hathaway   Then   Now
Richard S. Hayden   Then   Now
Robert E. Hayden   Then   Now
Howard R. Higgins   Then   Now
Donald J. Hogan
Marshall Z. Horn   Then   Now
June Horne
Hugh Horning   Then   Now
Robert E. Humphries
Robert G. Huntington, Jr.   Then   Now
Andrew Jackson
Billy J. Jones
Joe Karpis
David A. Kendrick, Jr.
Frank E. Knott
David M. Krehbiel
Thomas J. Leavy, Jr.
John A. Lindbeck
Donald C Linn   Then   Now
Charles F. Macken
George Martinson   Then   Now
Robert E. May
Tony Mazzo   Then   Now
Alfred F. McDonald
Joseph McKenna
David D. McQuade
Arro Merrijohn
Arthur J. Meusling
Donald K. Mickelson   Then   Now
Francis Muehlheim
Charles Nichols
David R. Nihart   Then   Now
Robert F. Oliver   Then   Now
Anthony E. Parent
Walton C. Parker
James C. Pulliam   Then   Now
Ray K. Renn
Edward A. Rice
August E. Rigolo
Dennis Rinaldi
Dan Rodriques
Victor H. Sasse
Howard M. Saxton, Jr.   Then   Now
Russell J. Scherer
George M. Schjodt
J. Harold Selz, Jr.
Paul Serbun
Othell Sineath
Harry L. Smith, Sr.
J. Edward Snyder, Jr.
James Struble
Richard G. Taylor   Then   Now
Robert H. Taylor
Norbert N. Tenenbaum   Then   Now
James A. Tukich
Edward Uhlar
Allan M. Ulstad
C. P. Uszakiewicz   Then   Now
Cooper Valentine
William C. Van Deveer
Edwin J. Wajek
Thomas Ward
Robert L. Weinland
Lee Wieder
Guy W. Williams
Charles S. Williams, Jr.
Raymond G. Willins
John A. Wilson
Donald Yurkovich
George F. Zipp

[Gold Rope image]


Sunset and evening star,
And one clear call for me!
And may there be no moaning of the bar,
When I put out to sea,

But such a tide as moving seems asleep,
Too full for sound and foam,
When that which drew from out the boundless deep
Turns again home.

Twilight and evening bell,
And after that the dark!
And may there be no sadness of farewell,
When I embark;

For though from out our bourne of Time and Place
The flood may bear me far,
I hope to see my Pilot face to face
When I have crossed the bar.

Alfred, Lord Tennyson


Plank Owners
 known to have
 "Crossed The Bar"


Daniel C. Achtzehn
Paul Acosta
Anthony J. Akstin
James R. Alexander
Billy L. Allen
Sidney P. Allmond
Robert Anderson
Walter C. Baggott, Jr.
Fredrick R. Barclay, Jr.
Donald E. Barham
William R. Barlow, Jr.
William T. Biffle
Denver W. Binder
Paul E. Black
James C. Boggs
Sammie T. Boleware
Robert N. Booth
Leroy O. Bosanko
Alfred E. Bridger
Howard E. Bridges, Jr.
John W. Brindo
Lowell N. Brooks
Edwin J. Brzuzy
Hubert L. Bunker
W. Julius Burch
Luther W. Burke
Carl W. Burrows
Ronald F. Butts
Thomas O. Campbell
Clarence D. Carpenter
E. G. Case
Eugene J. Chaberek
Gilbert H. Chester
John Chiacchierini
Nelson P. Chitty
Alva E. Christian
Oliver E. Clark, Jr.
Robert L. Collins
Walter M. Collins
John D. Cornwell, Jr.
Joseph T. Crouch
Robert E. Cutwright
George W. Daniel
Dominic T. Derose
Donald J. Destarkey
Earl E. Dhein
Paul J. Dohr
Robert Dove
Roy W. Draughon, Jr.
Tony Fonzi
Roy A. Ford
Richard P. Foster
Charles W. Fountain
Peter Franczek
Merle J. Gaar
Joseph N. Galvanek
George A. Gardis
John W. Gevorkian
Carlton L. Gill
Wayne E. Goldsmith
Tom E. Graham
Earnest Grauso
Rex Grayson
Roger R. Grayson
Jesse R. Green
John V. Greive
Walter D. Hajdas
Ralph A. Hanes
Riley E. Harris
Charlie C. Hay
V. Gene Heitzenrater
Donald D. Hessler
A. B. Hollingsworth
J. B. Kahler
James N. Kerr
Arthur Kessell, Jr.
Johnny R. Kilpatrick
Gerald W. Knight
Charles C. Kostan
Gerald V. Loftus
W. J. "Shorty" Long
E. E. Lord
Walter Magee, Jr.
Robert L. McRoy
Arthur W. Milby
Joseph P. O'Neill
Warren G. Pollard
Leonard Priestley
Ralph G. Richardson
Ray R. Rickman
Orville Schaar
Lewis G. Schaerer
Nicoholas W. Schilhabel, Jr.
Hugo E. Schulter
Edwin C. Scott, Jr.
Earl Seippel
Joseph E. Smeller
Leroy G. Stafford
James B. Stagg
Charles Straub
Paul J. Stueve
John H. Tanner
Thomas H. Thornton, Jr.
John A. Walker
Robert F. Wernert
Leon J. Weymouth
Carl R. Whitmire
Peter J. Wible
James C. Williams
John J. Zimmerman, Jr.