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"There are good ships and wood ships, ships that sail the sea,
but the best ships are friendships, may they always be!" -Irish Proverb


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Athe 2018 Reunion held in Branson, MO. those members present changed the way sites are selected. They chose instead to select from the Central section of the US for all of our upcoming reunions. They nominated several sites which I have yet to receive. Until I get my Sea Blade II or a copy of the Minutes of the meetings, I am not sure of the following description of the selection process.

Our reunions were held every two years and were equally scattered throughout the different sections of the United States to provide each of our shipmates the opportunity to attend with the least financial burden.

We have divided the country into three geographic areas: East, Central, and West. The location of our reunions are alternated, in succession within the 3 areas, based on the nominated cities from the membership present at our reunions.

The general membership selects 2 choices by mailed survey form, from the nominations. The membership present at our next reunion chooses which of the two highest vote getters will be our next reunion site.

Members interested in other Military Reunions might want to check out this website. "http://www.trea.org/"

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1989 Long Beach, CA 1991 Bloomington, IL 1993 Toledo, OH 1995 Norfolk, VA
1996 Philadelphia, PA 1998 Laughlin, NV 2000 San Antonio, TX 2002 Denver, CO
2004 Charleston, SC 2006 Milwaukee, WI 2008 Seattle, WA 2010 Wash DC
2012 St Louis, MO 2014 San Diego, CA 2016 Nashville, TN 2018 Branson, MO